Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sphere720 Rhythmec Architext

Born and raised in Pomona, CA; the soloist sphere720 started writing at the age of 12Avoiding the violence of the hood and witnessing nearly all of his closest friends either die or end up in jail, he focused on education. By the time he graduated, he started frequenting studios and rockin' freestyle battle contests. He's had the opportunity to open for the Roots, Nonce and share the stage with Del The Funkee Homosapien back in the mid 90's. Well, time has passed and 720 has eagerly awaited his ascension from the depths of the deep beat cave. Keeping focus on Christ and aimed on bringing the gospel through hip hop to the children of today, sphere720 is here. His third full project (but first release), EnginE, highlights the ups and downs of life in general. The 'sparkplugs', as he labels them, are clips of interviews of 720 telling his view on what EnginE really means. And the rest, as they say, the rest is future.

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