Sunday, February 6, 2011


In a world that's mostly Organic an going Green and with Stoner music is at it's all time high!One group stands alone making Hempstry as they travel the
lonely road to super stardom this fastly growing world wide virus called hemp-hop in which Swisher Streets (Meen Green,Fetty Slaps, B Man, RD, Marsh B, Fess Gotchu, JayWorthy,Tre Nyce, K-Smoke, LOS, DJ Milk Crate and Blunt Masteress B) brain child of the legendary Meen Green has emerged to vanquish & conquer all evil doers after the secondhand smoke clear's Swisher Streets is attempting to re mold the
rap game from the ashes of board-om and brainwashing SwisherStreets is on a collision course with the likeness of propot acts such as Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, The KottenmouthKings & Total Devastation be on the look out for their
first release THE VARIETY PACK VOL 1. Which is for sale NOW!
At these media outlets.........,, and to see us visit

you can also book SwisherStreets for shows and in stores plus purchase all SSproducts directly from our sales line 619-573-8084 be on thelook out for all flavors of Swishers Packs mix cd's to be dropping sooner than you think!!!!! Meen Green's SoloProject THE NEXT THING SMOKING will be released MARCH 17TH 2011.(St.Fatty's Day) shout outs to Got Vape, Pipe Wipes,
Hot Box vapes, Doshabrand music, ROCHOUSEMUZIC, Puff Puff
Pass Records, Gravity Vortex, Dragon Breath, KOW Pipes,
dot, The Digger, Glass Gripper, seedleSs & Smoke
Sessions clothing, Burnablunt, Magnum Detox, IGSHydroponics, Bonus Ent, 420FL.COM, Visual IllusionProductions & Los Marijuanos remember all Stoners unite
and light up at the same time puff tuff myNuggets.......Rest In Peace Jack H. & FREE EDDY LEPP NOW!!!!